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Personal Profile

Name:                         Nino

Favorite food:              Kveli, Puri, Khachapuri, Tsitsila… (Cheese, Bread, Khachapuri, Chicken…)

Current Location:        Northern Kentucky

Actually, my current location is at Northern Kentucky University. It is a pretty good university for undergraduate degrees. Check it out, it is worth your time. If you are an international student, feel free to contact International Student Affairs office at NKU.  They will take a good care of you.  If you are not interested in NKU, may be other schools around here will capture your attention. Some good universities are: University of Cincinnati (in Ohio), Miami University (also in Ohio), Ohio State University (in Ohio), and University of Kentucky (in Kentucky). There are more schools in this area, but these are the major big ones, and all of them are good universities.

This is it about me.  Have fun on my web site, and thanks for visiting.

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My family                                                 Georgians in Tristate Area

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                                            Visiting Georgians cooking mtsvadebi (shashlik).


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